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Reason To Drink Meet & Greets 2018

-Please enter only once per show. Multiple entries will not be accepted.
-Please note if a venue has age restrictions. No exceptions will be made.
-Please use the name on your legal ID on this form. ID must be shown to retrieve meet and greet passes at the venue.
-If selected you will receive either one (1) or two (2) meet and greet passes for the show you selected, based on your answer to question 5.
-You are entitled to one free meet and greet with Cole per calendar year.
-If selected, you will be notified by email approximately 2-3 business days before the show you entered for. Your meet and greet passes will be left under the name on this form at ticket will-call. All instructions on when and where to meet will be on the envelope you pick up from will call.
-By signing up for a meet and greet, you are opting to recieve occasional email updates from Cole’s email list.

Don't see a show listed? Check back later to see if it's been added!

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